Lil' Kim's 2013 Video Music Awards Look Quite Different Than 1999
085386ed-57a8-4a56-b04d-f41c8375238f_Lil-Kim-Stephen-Lovekin-FilmMagic-8-25-13(Photo: Stephen Lovekin, FilmMagic)
Some people may not have recognized Lil' Kim when she arrived to the MTV Video Music Awards Sunday.

Hip-hop's Queen Bee has changed her looks quite a bit over the years, most noticeably her face. Her cheeks and lips appear much fuller, and her eyes tighter.

Though she hasn't copped to having any plastic surgery in the press, she looks drastically different from 1999 when she made her most memorable VMA appearance to date.

Wearing a lavender bodysuit with sequin seashells, matching wig and exposed left breast (covered with a seashell pasty), the Brooklyn rapper made history as one of the VMAs most talked about looks ever.

9aed27e8-50a7-46cc-9696-ce9d8aab6662_Lil-Kim-New-York-Daily-News-8-25-13(Photo: New York Daily News)

On Sunday, she wore her auburn hair long, curly and pulled to her right site. In another sexy bodysuit, Lil' Kim revealed a thong and lace bustier underneath the leather, mesh fabric.

When presenting Best Hip-Hop Video, Kim said she was excited the VMAs came to her hometown. "Growing up in Brooklyn, I would have never imagined the VMAs being right here," she said.