Kick Ass II back but tamer than before
4Front's review of Kick Ass II    B

What can you expect from sequel to a violent superhero flick? You can expect an entertainingly good movie. Kick Ass falls somewhere between Avengers and Sin City. I can’t help but feel a couple cut scenes here or there and this move could be PG-13, and somehow be open to the tween and kiddy crowd. With all the superhero movies out right now the more exposure the better especially if

the flick wants to hit the hundred million dollar mark.

The first Kick Ass starred Aaron Johnson as David Lizewski, a superhero without any powers. Dave dons a costume and a mask, and has a sincere desire to do good. In spite of the fact that he has no fighting skills, he calls himself Kick Ass, and walks around believing that he can protect the city. Soon he teams up with Mindy better knows as Hit Girl played by Choë Grace Moretz. The two working together are able to take down the city’s mob boss Frank D’Amico.

In this second installment, some years have passed, and now Kick Ass has become a full fledge crime fighter, and a symbol for the city; while Hit Girl deals with becoming a teenager and tries to quit crime fighting due to pressure from her father’s friend and now her care giver Marcus Williams played by Morris Chestnut. Their new villain is Frank’s son Chris D’Amico played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse who is now seeking revenge for his father. To get back at Kick Ass Chris most go through a transformation becoming the Mother F@$ker and the city’s super villain. The flick at this point goes in three different directions, which at times can be funny, entertaining and gruesome. I liked all three plots but Mindy’s story was the one most heart felt and the one which emulates today’s teen movies. To some degree, Kick Ass II had some better scenes than part I. What’s missing is the violence and some of the crazy humor that fans loved in number one. Good movie with a couple of supporting cast members that need mentioning, Jim Carrey plays a superhero and former ex-mob enforcer who has a couple of funny scenes and Donald Faison plays another superhero who was inspired by Kick Ass. If you go to the movies this Friday this is the one to catch.