Will Oblivion Excite Movie Fans?
4Front review of Tom Cruise's Oblivion    C+
In his new movie Tom Cruise takes moviegoers into a future where Earth’s moon has been destroyed, and the human race is rebuilding after an alien attack. The humans won the war but in doing so destroyed the planet using nuclear weapons. In this new world Tom’s character Jack Harper and his partner Victoria played by Andre Riseborough must help restore the planet using huge triangle mechanical like devices which clean the planets radiation. In different scenes you see a planet that has been uninhabited for years. The Pentagon is destroyed and filled with dirt, the White House is partial underground, and the country’s sporting stadiums look like landfills.

The flick has the same feeling as Will Smith’s “I Am Legend” for the first twenty minutes or so, one person roaming around a devastated Earth. Even though there’s nothing but ruins in each scene it’s shot beautiful. The lone threats are Sav’s scavenger aliens that attack humans and the droids that protect them. Jack’s job is to repair droids and get the Earth cleaned up on schedule. From time to time Jack and his partner report to command for updates and assistance. Before taking on this mission Jack and partner had to undergo a mind wipe where they can’t remember anything before their mission.

The movie takes a turn when a space vessel carrying human bodies crashes onto the planet and Julia Rusakova played by Olga Kurylenko enters the flick. Slowly her relationship with Jack is revealed. In this movie you have to pay attention, there is very little explained. The story has plenty of gaps but once you get the jest of the flick it’s pretty much predictable. If you put together the beginning of “I Am Legend” and the end of “Independents Day” you have Oblivion. The movie has its spots and the action scenes are on point but for a two-hour movie Oblivion leaves you unsatisfied. For someone that’s new to this genre “Oblivion” is a must watch but for Sci-Fi and comic book movie fans there’s nothing here we haven’t seen before. The movie stars Cruise and Morgan Freeman both were heavily advertised in the promotion of Oblivion. With all that said the movie should do good because of the lack of competition.