Movie Greed? And Why G.I. Joe Will Be Pushed Back

Once again greed rears its ugly head in the movie industry. Viewing 3-D movies has become hot today for moviegoers. Personally, I don’t know why but it’s hot. I can count three scenes in the Captain America movie, which were in 3-D, and maybe twenty minutes of the two hours of Transformers (Dark of the Moon) and I can go on with the others. 3-D tickets are not worth the price. Especially since most movies are not made with 3-D in mind but later converted to 3-D. Unlike Avatar which was made from the ground up in 3-D.

I gave up on 3-D after Cap’s two 3-D scenes and one I already saw in a trailer before hand made me feel unsatisfied. So I was surprised when I went to see Avengers there were three screens in 3-D and only one regular screen showing the movie. Of course, the regular screen was sold out. They usually have two scenes in 3-D and two regular but now for this big release they decided to change it. To make it worse there were sign stating they raised the price on Tuesday 3-D tickets. Wow! They are trying to really make money on this 3-D thing.

Now G.I. Joe, which was due out this summer, rumor has it they decide to push back their premier to convert the film to 3-D to take advantage of the higher ticket prices. What? Wait to March for 3-D are you kidding me? The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) has promoted this movie, the trailer is running and the posters are everywhere. But because it’s not 3-D it’s time to push it back to March. I wondered what suit decided this? I will probably see the movie when it finally comes out but not the 3-D version. I hope it’s good but their greed is astonishing.

Since I have also heard so many bad rumors about the next generation of video game consoles, I wonder who will win the greediest award in the future, the movie industry or the video game industry. Only time will tell.