Battleship Review    C-

“Battleship” is coming out on the heels of this summer’s big blockbuster the “Avengers.” “Battleship” outside the states has avoided direct competition with the “Avengers” coming out weeks before the superhero movie in oversea theaters. Therefore “Battleship” was off to a good start making over 200 million abroad. This week “Battleship” opens in US theaters. So now the question becomes is the movie worth your cold hard cash. “Battleship” is no “Avenger” not on characterization or action so a comparison is not fair. Many scenes will remind you of post World War II heroic movies. In the beginning of the movie it’s hard to get into the characters. The jokes weren’t funny and the lines were pretty bad. But by the end of the film you warm up to the characters and the action begins, which makes the movie exciting and fun for the summer.

Taylor Kitsch plays Lt. Alex Hopper who joins the Navy at the ultimatum of his brother played by Alexander Skarsgard. Model, Brooklyn Decker plays Sam, Hopper’s fiancé. The problem is Hopper is a screw up and to make things worse Sam’s father is the Capitan of the Navy played by Liam Neeson. His constant screwing up has finally got him into trouble to the point that the Navy was going to discharge him as soon as his ships docks. Things look bleak for Hooper’s career but along come the aliens to make life on earth even bleaker. If you have seen the commercial and trailers you know that Battleship, the movie encounters aliens which is a much different storyline from the board game that made famous the line “You sank my Battleship!”

“Battleship” doesn’t have the ump that “Avengers” has but it does have some admirable moments that grow on you. In one scene we get a view of the aftermath of war when Sam (Brooklyn Decker) who is also a physical therapist meets up with Colonel Mick Canales amputee in a VA hospital. The scene is quick but it brings you back to the reality of war and the stories not often seen of injured soldiers coming home from war. The Colonel was played by Colonel Gregory D. Gadson, a real life amputee who survived an Iraqi attack. In another scene veterans of WW II do their thing onboard the Battleship.

Singer Rihanna makes her acting debut as a young tough female soldier aboard the ship. The ending is pretty good and should get thumbs up from most movie viewers, and don’t forget to watch the movie past the credits. If you haven’t seen the “Avengers” go see that but if you want to check out something new “Battleship” is worth watching.