Meagan Good will star in Minority Report for Fox

Actress Meagan Good is back in a new TV series. Rumor is Meagan Good will star in Minority Report A Fox pilot based off the book and movie. The movie stared Tom Cruise with Steven Spielberg as the director. The series pilot takes place ten years later and is directed by Mark Mylod who has directed episodes of Shameless and Entourage.

Hollywood’s recent interest in African American female lead roles continues. Since Kerry Washington “Scandal” we have seen Halle Berry, Zoe Saldana, Viola Davis and even Meagan in TV series. In 2013 Meagan Good had a lead in soap opera like drama named “Deception,” which received mix reviews and was canceled after one season. The last time fans saw her was probably when she and Kevin Hart landed the number one movie with “Think Like Man Too.” Her return to the small screen will be sometime this year or early next.