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Beyonce is definitely getting a fresh start to the New Year amid rumors she is pregnant with baby number two.

Insider Reveals How Far Along Beyonce Is In Rumored Second Pregnancy

The singer has reportedly fired her entire management staff! This even includes her cousin, Angie Beyince, who has pretty much been Beyonce’s right hand for her solo career and even maybe during some of her Destiny’s Child days.

Page Six confirmed the news of the shocking shakeup Wednesday and said the singer made the change to score more deals and boost her career to an even higher level. Along with her cousin, she gave her general manager Lee Anne Callahan-Longo the boot, who has worked with Beyonce for the last ten years.

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One source said, “Their friendship supersedes business, and while she is no longer an employee of Parkwood, she will remain an imperative part of Beyonce’s life.”

She replaced Callahan-Longo with Steve Pamon. He used to work as the head of sports and entertainment marketing for JPMorgan Chase. Beyonce worked with him in the past when the bank sponsored her and Jay Z’s On The Run tour back in 2014.

The insider told the publication, “Beyonce basically cleaned house, got rid of her whole team, which included her cousin, and hired a new team. She wants to surround herself with business people who could take her career to the next level. She has one album left to deliver before her deal is up with Columbia, plus she wants to make smarter decisions when it comes to touring, sponsorships and acting roles.”
No word on how her cousin feels about the business ties that were cut.