Yonkers Story 

Every town has one. Meet Yonker’s new energetic artist who’s pushing his way into the game.

I am from Whitney Young 354. If you have ever listen to D-Block they shout out 354 that’s where I’m from. D-Block and I grew up together. I have been working with D Block and I also been work with Superior. They both have to come to an agreement. So I can be Most Hated/D-Block. In this game you also have the haters. The haters inspire me. You have to love the hate.

I have two singles out. I have one by myself called “Switch Up” the other is called “Lady” with R.O.B. a guy from my camp. I have been knocking out new bangers. I have one with Sheek that’s a street banger they are loving that right there. I have one with Styles that is going to come out the streets going to love that. I’m about to do this tour. I have been doing all kinds of shows at Cheetahs, Skate Key. I have been grinding hard. I love the game it’s incredible I feel good I have a two singles out and the people are loving it. I love recording. They say I’m focused in the studio when they tell me to make changes I do it. They usually have to tell artist five or ten times to make them do it correctly.

Major Figgas one time came to Yonkers. This is before they were even Major Figgas. We just knew them as them Philly cats. They were like X came to Philly telling us Yonkers had a lot of talent so we came here to battle. They went to every hood Yonkers destroying everybody. When they stopped in Whitney Young, it was a problem. They were like look “we going to break even with you’ll dudes. We ain’t going to front you’ll got fire.” It was so cool like that, they came back in the summer “like what’s up, we’re going to do a retry.” We did it again and “they were like we can’t even take these cats out.” By than it was love and from there they caught respect from us. We were supposed to do songs together but that never happened. The same thing happened with Vita and the Vacant Lot dudes. Damon Grease set us up. He told us come over and get a beat. We went down not knowing that in the other room he had his whole crew. He heard what happened with them Philly dudes so he said to us “let me hear you’ll rhyme.” Then one of his people come in and they start rhyming, then another one would come in. At the end he had the whole room flooded. I was like this is your whole crew. We battle and they were like yo I respect them dudes.

Then Jinx from Bloodlines and I went to Westchester College. Superior came to us like they are having a shark fest lets go up there I put your names in a contest. We went up there not expecting it’s going to be a last man-standing contest. When we got up there there was a whole bunch of a people. There was like a hundred dudes there. So we blowing out these cats round after round and I’m like what is going on. Then at the end the last two people standing were Jinx and I. The funny thing was the crowd wanted to know who was going to win between us two. But before anything could start two chicks broke out fighting. Some people though it was a stunt on us. It was no stunt on us we would of went at it. The girls were fighting just ended things. The campus was like contest was over no one won. We left there laughing like we just took out a whole school campus. That was fun.

I did some joints for Fat Man Scoop and this guy Casino who was signed to Jive. I just had been flooding the mixtapes with joints. We recently did the beat battle in School 12. This kid Dynasty called me out and we did it right here in Yonkers. I destroyed him. Superior has the mixtape you have to hear it. On every bar I had to stop because the crowd was laughing so loud. I have my skills down pat “I’m like run up who want it.” I did the radio joint on the internet I didn’t know they had internet radio. I came and blessed it. Everyone logged in from all different place and they loved it. People called the radio so much that I had to came back the next week and blew it down again.

I could freestyle and my tracks are incredible. The tracks I do are on my life and my image. Since I’m the Bully I’m on that bully s#!t. I’m out there taking your lunch money s#!t. They be like he ain’t backing down he’s the bully but he’s not one to pick a fight. At the same time I let you know what's going on in my life, to what have I seen, to what I’m doing, to love. Even though you’re a bully you have to have a girl. I will hit you with a little bit of this and little bit of that.

I would love to do a track with R Kelly and do a beat with Dr Dre. Dre has some beats and I got to have R.Kelly on a joint. Regardless of what anyone says R.Kelly is going to make songs. “Step in the Name of Love” isn’t going anywhere. “Doo Doo Brown,” “The Electric Slide” isn’t going anywhere. You can play those songs anywhere, clubs, weddings. That’s what I want to do I want to make history. I’m trying to come in the game and set a new standard. I’m grinding so that in two years I hope to be up there accepting an award or even nominated. As long as I’m there but most of all I trying to come in to this game with a lot of respect. Where every artist can sit there and say he’s a cool dude.

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