J Hood
Even though J Hood is 19 years old don’t expect any bubble gum raps from this kid. Hood’s lyrical flow and his voice have you questioning his age. Hood has the same raspy street voice that grabs listeners like his older Yonker’s counterpart DMX. Unlike X, Hood doesn’t need the excitement of dogs barking behind his lyrics. His slick style and punchlines got the streets saying he’s a monster. Mixtape after mixtape, J Hood has heated up the streets and the streets expect nothing less from a guy who is affiliated with Jadakiss, Styles and Sheek.

Q: How long have you been rapping?
A: For ten years. When my brother let me hear some Nas and Ice Cube, it was over from there.

Q: Who inspired you?
TuPac, Jay Z and Nas.

Q: When did you meet the Lox?
A: I met them when I was 14. We met in the hood. At that time there was mad people into rap and we used to battle. Battle after battle I used to eat rappers until my name got to the point where they (The Lox) wanted to mess with me.

Q: Is the album done?
A: The album is ninety percent done. The name of the album is “Tales From the Hood” and it’s dropping in the first quarter. I have all new producers on the album. We’re not trying to follow the trend of using big name producers.

Q: Any features?
A: Not many, just people in the camp. I’m not trying to flood my joint like a mixtape. I want to give the people more of me. I did do a joint with MOP.

Q: Who do you listen to today?
A: 50 Cent, Jay Z, the Lox and I also like Lord Banks.

Q: Who would you like to callabo with?
A: Banks. G Unit and D Block.

Q: What is significant about coming from Yonkers?
A: A lot of people weren’t up on Yonkers until DMX and Lox put it on the map. There are some hot cats in Yonkers, but people will never know until they open their ears. I’m going to make sure cats ears get opened, I’m bringing it hard. I’m going to shock the s#!t out of a lot of people.

Q: What does is it mean to be young and starting out in this game?
A: It’s good because I have an advantage over these old cats because they have been in the game for a while and they’re not guaranteed anymore time. I have a certain amount time to get better and progress in the game. The game is also starving for a new face. If you come at the right time and give them what they want, you can shine.

Q: What have you learned watching the Lox?
A: A lot. I learned to have a business sense, stay humble, and never burn bridges. Usually a person learns from one CEO but I have three CEO so I learn from all three of them.

Q: What you think of the mixtape scene?
A: The mixtape scene is excellent. I love the mixtape market it’s never going to stop. You have to feed the streets. You do that by giving them freestyles on mixtapes. We never give one DJ the same freestyle we give another DJ. Every time you hear us it’s something new.

Q: Why do cats sound so different on their album than on a mixtape?
A: When you do a mixtape you not limited in your lyrical content. You can say whatever you want to say and have complete control. On freestyles you can do as many bars as you want to do, you don’t need a structure, you don’t need a format. If your doing a song you have to think about the format, the three 16 bars, think about the hook, think about the concept but when you are doing a freestyle you just flow to the beat.

Q: So what did you do on your album?
A: My album is nothing like what I do on a mixtape. I’m still spitting that s#!t but I have a twist on it. I’m really going to shock cats.

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