Bang'em Smurf & Domination
When you hear about G Unit you hear about Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo and Young Buck. A name you have not heard in a while associated with the Queens crew is Bang em Smurf. Last year Smurf was getting shout outs on mixtapes and was on 50 Cents first DVD. Smurf was riding hard with 50 Cent and crew but now you hardly ever hear them mention his name. Whatever happened to Smurf?

Q: So Smurf what have you been up to?
A: Smurf: I’m working on my own label. Domination is my artist. Domination is a beast.

Q: Domination you’re getting a lot of street love I hear you on the mixtapes?
A: Domination: The buzz is crazy right now. I love the deejays, I don’t want to even mention one of them because they all give me love. I don’t want to leave anyone out.

Q: Smurf, you and 50 Cents were once boys?
A: Smurf: That was my homie. I knew 50 since I was like 15. When he was on the block hustling and doing his thing. We really got close until 2000 after he was shot. 50 came back to the Hood and snatched up all the little cats.

Q: Domination when did you get in the game?
A: Domination: I started rapping when I was in eighth grade but I was playing around with it. I was doing freestyles up into January or February of last year that’s when I started doing songs. Until then I never did a song.

"...I have songs. All those other artist are doing freestyles on mixtapes. I bust a freestyle out in fifteen minutes. I’m into doing tracks."

Q: What are you working on now?
A: Smurf: We have two albums ready.
Domination: I have songs. All those other artist are doing freestyles on mixtapes. I bust a freestyle out in fifteen minutes. I’m into doing tracks.

Q: Do you have your own producers?
A: Smurf: Nah, we are jacking beats
Domination: We have some producers. My little man Buck be holding me down. He’s only 14.
Smurf: We are also messing with that Vacant Lot dude Dame Grease’s beats. I don’t even know that cat but we be getting a lot of his beats. They are hot.

Q: You guys looking for a deal?
A: Smurf: We are looking for distribution.. .

Q: What’s the name of the label?
A: Smurf: GF Records. The crew is Silverback Guerillaz. We were going to name the label Silverback Guerillaz but my man Gangsta Flip just died so we named it after him. Silverback Guerillaz that’s our crew you going to hear us scream that out a lot.

Q: Smurf you are also the manager?
A: Smurf: I’m the manager, I’m the CEO, I’m everything behind this.
Domination: He’s the head I’m the neck. "Banks was my little homie. He watched me do all that gangsta stuff. He has been rapping his whole life he has no street credibility."

Q: Describe your experience in this music business?
A: Smurf: I’ve been around the number one cat in the world. Everything I’m doing now I learned from him. Go hard work, work, work. That work is going to pay off eventually. You got to keep hitting them and being consistent. My man Domination is intelligent. He’s in his third year of John Jay college. You want to know why he’s so hot he knows a lot of s#!t. These local artist only have four letter words stop, drop, pop, get shot. This cat is saying words I don’t even know.

Q: Domination describe your style?
A: Domination: I’m a beast. I’m a problem for the industry.

Q: Smurf when did the relationship with you and 50 sour?
A: Smurf: Seven months go. I did a little thirty days for some s#!t I did in April. I had thirty days to think and I was like you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to start working on my artist. When I came out we hit the studio. The first recording in the studio was Ground Work 1. We don’t even like freestyles but we did freestyles because the deejays wanted them. Ground Work 1 had 12 songs. Later, I went back on the road with 50 hitting the towns up. 50 didn’t even get a chance to hear any of the tracks we did but he knew we were working on something. I think in Boston me and 50’s road manager got into an altercation. So 50 flew everyone that was involved in the situation back home. I’m thinking he’s going to send cats back to the hood to let us know you can’t be acting liking that. That’s when I started working on Domination hard. A month went by and I’m reaching out to these cats and no return calls or anything. So I was working on my artist and we dropped our CD Ground Work 1.
After I dropped the CD I caught a case and my bail was $75,000. These cats just left me in the pen and didn’t send me s#!t. I was in the joint for two weeks. I missed my sons birthday and 50’s my son’s godfather. So my mother put up the crib and my real street cats helped with some bail money. When I came home I was like f@$k them dudes. 50 and I had a company. That’s what he’s talking about when he says he took $350,000 back (a comment 50 said on a Whoo Kid mixtape.) He never took that back because I never saw that bread. My name is just on the company paper. I had 17% of Hollow Point Entertainment (the label that dropped the "Guess Who’s Back" CD.) When I came home he made me sign off on the company. This cat gave me $10,000 for it. My lawyer took $5,000. From $350,000 that’s not even a percentage of what I deserved. I signed off, cool, took the bread and left. I knew I had a trick up my sleeve. I know Domination is a beast. Can’t nobody f@$K with Domination, Yayo I love you, you’re my boy but you can’t f@$K with Domination, Banks you can’t f@$K with Domination. Buck, what, cats don’t even like your ass in New York.

Q: So what’s the joint getting at 50 about?
A: Smurf: "What’s Beef"
Domination: It’s about you s#!ted on my homie. You say something about us. We are going to say something right back. We were going to keep it peaceful with that cat but he comes on this birds ass n!gg@ Whoo Kid’s tape beefing. Talking about "you smell like Queens Bridge and how he’s going to do something to us."

Q: What’s that Queens Bridge thing mean I didn’t get that?
A: Domination: He’s mad at Jungle because he said "I’m not a snitch like CJ (Curtis Jackson 50 Cents government name.")
Smurf: We mess with Jungle, shout out to him.

Q: How’s your relationship with Banks and Yayo?
A: Smurf: Banks was my little homie. He watched me do all that gangsta stuff. He has been rapping his whole life he has no street credibility. When Banks got shot up I saved that boy. When it came down to it I was banging my hammer for that boy. Yayo I love you, you are my man I know you have to get money with them but just don’t say my name.

Q: Has the majors holled at you?
A: Smurf: Yeah, but they scared to f@$k with us. Now we have Fire (Fredro) as the companies mouth piece. He’s shopping our stuff around because these companies don’t want to talk to me they think I’m crazy. The corporates feel more comfortable talking to him plus he knows the industry.

Q: Can all the beef be deaded after a conversation?
A: Smurf: Hell no, a lot happened more than what the people know. 50 better start paying me some money because I’m going to make Banks career real hard. Bank’s is not real and he can’t f@$k with my Domination.

"50 better start paying me some money because I’m going to make Banks career real hard."

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