Visitors to Yonkers will see a suburban area inhabited by many different nationalities. Who would guess that this quaint town outside of New York would breed a generation of rappers. Getty Square in downtown Yonkers is not only where you do all your shopping but also the place where Vision Quest Music resides. Vision Quest has played a big part of Hip Hips development in Yonkers (see article below.) The Hip Hop story in Yonkers can be traced back to Mary J Blige where Uptown Records discovered her. The Lox followed with a release on Bad Boy records in 1997 but the town’s most ground breaking event came when two Harlem hustlers decide to recruit DMX, Yonkers most feared rapper to create Ruff Ryders. DMX had already established a reputation on the underground scene and after he was signed by Def Jam went on a rampage to let the public know about Y.O. (Yonkers.)

Today a DMX associate named DJ Superior continues to nurture the town’s new crop of talent. Every artist in Yonkers from Mary to the Lox at one point or another came thorough Superior. Artist such as Big Jinx, King Tuh, A.P., Bully, R.O.B., La$e, Nestle, Blacksun, Lady-D, Phill Blunts, Tray Dot and Black G all work with Superior’s label “Most Hated Records.”

Superior talks about starting out. “In the beginning X had a DJ named Kason but when he got locked up I took the torch and ran with him. Waah (C.E.O. Ruff Ryder) had me running around promoting X trying to get him in record pools.” Superior says his relationship with X has now soured. “I don’t know why our break up happened. I guess it’s because he has phony friends around him but I’m cool with Waah and Darion, they’re like brothers to me. The business breaks up friendships but I have love for him.” In 2000, X came to Superior with an A&R position at his new label Bloodlines. This situation lead Superior’s artist Jinx becoming a part of Bloodline Records. The label was heavily marketed but never released anything except sound tracks. First distributed by Def Jam the label is now distributed by Warner Bros. Superior explains if your an artist who does movies you will always have a record deal because labels always want to distribute your soundtrack. “Jinx and a female named Kashmir are Bloodline’s hardest artist. They want him to release albums but so far he has only put out soundtracks.” explains Superior.

Most of the young artist in Yonkers spend a lot of their time perfecting their craft Superior tells how Jinx and Black Jesus are legends in the town where they won many battles. He says the next crop of Yonkers talent to blow are J Hood, Jinx, Black Jesus, Bully and a kid named King Tuh. In the next couple pages we have articles on Yonker’s movers and shakers. Sheek now a veteran in the game helped stamp Yonkers on the map and now he is at the forefront of developing artist with his D-Block label. Our stories continues with a feature on J Hood who is considered to be the next player to take Yonkers to the next level and Jinx a Yonkers artist who has paid his due in the game and is now waiting for his chance to add to the Yonkers Hip Hop movement. From Riverdale to, Whitney Young to, Warburton to, Ravine to, School Street to, Cottage to, Mulford, Yonker’s is definitely not Brooklyn, Queens or the Bronx. Yonkers is it’s own town with it’s own unique story. 

VIsion Quest
Your not really a Yonkers artist until Tony of Vision Quest heard of you. For twelve years Vision Quest has been the number one supplier for hip hop music in Yonkers. Tony does more than just sell music to fans he keeps close tie with all artist from Yonkers. “We are working with Ruff Ryders, we working with D Block, we working with Mary’s camp. Mary has female artist she is working with so we are supporting are home and our neighborhood.” Vision Quest first started when Dwight Fuller Tony's partner came from Brooklyn to Yonkers. They first ran their store at a counter in a bike shop. At that time nobody knew there was a market in Yonkers explains Dwight. “I remember when I first brought Teddy Riley to Yonkers. They visited my store in Brooklyn and told them you have to go to Yonkers. Teddy was like Yonkers what’s in Yonkers. Since than a lot of artists have came to Vision Quest. X came through for their first album and over 5000 were out in the street. Mary came through and did a signing. Busta came through and the people showed mad love.” Today Vision Quest is a 10,000 foot square store where you can purchase CDs, TVs, DVDs, magazines and more.

Last year the Vision Quest had a freestyle battle every Friday. Rappers came from everywhere to battle it out for the freestyle Fridays crown. A cat from Yonkers won that entire battle explained Tony. “The Yonkers rapper beat cats from queens, Brooklyn, everywhere. Cats from Brooklyn were like we going to get you’ll next year.” The two have seen Yonkers artist grow into super stars and the talent increase in years. “Yonkers now is like a small little Motown. We have young boys writing their behind off, young girls sing their behind off.” explained Dwight.

Dwight says the service you get at their store is more personal and informative than when you go into the big corporate stores were employees just point and don’t have much knowledge of the music. He explains how he has to constantly explain the depth of his consumers. “I have been in this game thirty years. So they can’t tell me selling the top 50 songs is all the people want. People in the hood are broader than that. I carry all types of stuff because the people will surprise you can never assume what they want.”

Bootlegging has hurt ever aspect of the music industry. Dwight explains the effects of bootlegging. “Bootlegging hurts us and the artist. As bad are the Lox are there not platinum. The Lox are platinum off the street but not off the shelves. So when they go make their new deal it’s from an aspect that they never made platinum.” Vision Quest plans for whatever changes that industry might make. Tony says in the future the industry is going to come back to singles. People are going to want to make a disk of their favorite singles and right now Vision Quest is equipped to do that. The way this work is you fill at a list of songs you want and they burn it for you. Your list of songs will be save to the stores sever for a year and if you break, loss or damage that CD Vision Quest will replace for $2. It’s a good idea but none of the record companies have come close to allowing that so Vision Quest is waiting on the industry. Right now Tony and Dwight plan to build a sound stage and a recording studio above their shop where artist can record. When the next group of platinum artist comes out of Yonkers there’s no question at one time or another they would have had to come through Vision Quest.


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