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  • August 27 2013/news_files/page173_4.jpg BET Networks Unveils New Programming
  • August 27 2013/news_files/page173_3.jpg Think Like A Man Opens as the Number One Movie
  • August 27 2013/news_files/page173_2.jpg Stephen Barcelo for New York Daily News
  • August 27 2013/news_files/page173_1.jpg Mayweather-Cotto Registers 1.5 Million Pay-Per-View Buys
  • August 27 2013/news_files/page83_68.jpg  Battleship Review
  • August 27 2013/news_files/page83_67.jpg BET ordered a second season of romantic comedy 'Let's Stay Together'
  • August 27 2013/news_files/page83_66.jpg Weekend Box Office: 'Men In Black 3' Unseats 'The Avengers' From The Top Spot
  • August 27 2013/news_files/page83_65.jpg Paul Williams in bad motorcycle accident
  • August 27 2013/news_files/page83_64.jpg Greed? And Why G.I. Joe Will Be Pushed Back
  • August 27 2013/news_files/page83_63.jpg  Jamaican Drug Lord Christopher 'Dudus' Coke Gets 23 Years
  • August 27 2013/news_files/page83_62.jpg Diddy Closes Justin's Restaurant in Atlanta
  • August 27 2013/news_files/page83_61.jpg  NBA Finals Game 1 TV ratings set a record
  • August 27 2013/news_files/page83_60.jpg  Yvette Wilson, 'Moesha' actress, dies of cancer
  • August 27 2013/news_files/page83_59.jpg 'Drake did it!' Chris Brown talks to cops as it's claimed rival threw glass then bottle
  • August 27 2013/news_files/page83_58.jpeg How Will Tyler Perry‚Äôs Next Movie Fare at the Box Office?
  • August 27 2013/news_files/page83_57.jpg The Boondocks will Return
  • August 27 2013/news_files/page83_56.jpg BET Owned the Night
  • August 27 2013/news_files/page83_55.jpg Three 6 Mafia's Crunchy Black Shot
  • August 27 2013/news_files/page83_54.jpg VH1 Returns this Fall with T.I. Tiny, Ev & Ocho, Basketball Wives LA and more
  • August 27 2013/news_files/page83_53.jpg With Arena, Rapper Rewrites Celebrity Investors‚Äô Playbook
  • August 27 2013/news_files/page83_52.jpg Actor Michael Clark Duncan Dies at 54
  • August 27 2013/news_files/page83_51.jpg Gate numbers, TV ratings for Canelo Alvarez confirm big boxing weekend
  • August 27 2013/news_files/page83_50.png More trouble for Mayweather?
  • August 27 2013/news_files/page83_49.jpg A Look At Urban World Film Festival 2012
  • August 27 2013/news_files/page83_48.jpg Stacey Dash Tweets Support for Mitt Romney
  • August 27 2013/news_files/page83_47.jpg New York Comic Con 2012
  • August 27 2013/news_files/page83_46.jpg Hector Camacho Update
  • August 27 2013/news_files/page83_45.jpg Nicki's Re-release Gets Poor Prediction
  • August 27 2013/news_files/page83_44.jpg Update to the Kansas City Chief's Murder Suicide
  • August 27 2013/news_files/page83_43.jpg Spike Not Fan of Django Unchained

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